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Commission Artwork

Would you like to have a custom oil painting of your "fur Baby?"

I provide commissioned oil paintings to all the art lovers out there who want a special

gift for themselves or a loved one.

Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions about the paiting process.

Oil Paintings

Rosie Oil Painting

Rosie Oil Painting

Rosie Original Photo

Rosie Original Photo

Rosie Framed

Rosie Framed

Rosie Underpainting

Rosie Underpainting

Rosie Underpainting

Rosie Underpainting

Rosie Oil painting_Before After

Rosie Oil painting_Before After

My oil paintings are painted with quality grade paints, mediums and professional canvases.  The Oil paints have a high level of pigmentation which provides good covering power and tinting strength. Your painting will be protected from elements such as dust and light with a varnish.  I take great care during the entire process so your painting will hopefully last a life time.

Oil paintings come in a variety of sizes:

11x14     16x20     20x24     24x24     24x48     24x30     30x40     and up


Pricing is based on the size of the painting and the number of subjects. Most are $ 160 and up.   


Process for Oil Paintings:

1. I will Review your photo to make sure it is high quality and provides enough details

2. An "underpainting" is made first, I will take a photo and sent it to you via email for review. It will have a watermark. This is to show you how the shadows and highlights will look and the layout of the painting.

  * Drying Time is one full week before the first oil paint layer can be added *


3. First layer of Oil paint is added

  * Drying time is one full week before the second Oil paint layer can be added *

4  A Preview will be sent to you vial email with a watermark on it before the next layer is added. This is where you can make any "subtle" changes ( if they can be made) before the final layer. Once the final layer is added, the painting cannot be changed.

5.  final layer of Oil paint is added. This is the detailed layer.

  * Drying time is 1-4 weeks *

6.  Varnish layer is added to protect the painting from dust and light damage.

  * Drying time is 1-2 hours *

7.  Painting, when completely dry to the touch, will be packaged and shipped to you. Shipping times will vary depending on your location.

8. Enjoy your beautiful painting !!

Painting Sizes.jpg

Contact me to get started on the process of ordering your painting.  Once I find out the size and number of subjects in the photo, I will be able to give you a final price.

Prices range from $ 160 and up

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