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about the owner/photographer

I am the owner and photographer of Orange Light Studios.  I attended Webster University in St. Louis where I received my BA in Media Communications in 1993.  My focus while in college was photography and art.  After taking time away from photography to raise my children, I found out how much I missed being an artistic person. I also found that the world of photography was changing. When I was in school most of my time was spent in the darkroom processing film and hand printing my photographs but along came digital cameras and I had to teach myself all about this new technology.  In reality though, the same skills and knowledge you needed for film photography remained the same just a different type of process. No darkroom, no smelling fumes from the chemicals, no long hours to get a few photographs printed.  Now we use the amazing softwares known as Photoshop and Lightroom, we display our images on our websites for all to see and send our photos off to be made into prints, coffee table books, and other cool products. The ability to make photographs unique, exciting, artistic and sometimes jaw dropping keeps me excited about being a photographer and I and I can truly say I love what I do !


Throughout my life I have dabbled in all types of photography but now I am in the world of 360 Product photography, Virtual Tours and in the future 3D photography. This has found my heart and I work hard at producing high quality photography for my clients.

My experience and passion is helping Clients convey their business identity through photography and photo editing. As a photographer, I strive to understand each client's need for their business and convey the best visual message that reflects their mission.

I appreciate you viewing my site and hope to do business with you in the near future !




Webster University in St. Louis, MO

BA in Media Communications

Awards & Nominations:

Thumbtack Top Pro 2016, 2017

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